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Shipping doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds.

We use the safest methods to ensure a safe delivery. Delta Airlines, is our airline of choice. We personally feel they do the best job with quality assurance. All you need to do is tell us what airport, and we handle the rest.

Shipping to most Major Airports will be $350 with everything you need included (Crate, Health Certificates, etc.). On some occasions with smaller airports, a Counter-to-Counter VIP Shipping is required. This costs slightly more, and prices will be quoted upon inquiry.

Starting NEW this year we are now offering a delivery service as well. For the safety and well being of all our Companions, we now have a 4 hour delivery radius. We understand that not everyone willing to love a pup forever has the capability of coming to us. So after years of listening to client's needs, we are ready to act on it. Weather permitting, we will now drive to deliver a pup to you, as we love seeing where they go, as much as you love to see us! This service will be offered at a $70. per hour, one way fee. With gas prices considered, we are trying to keep it reasonable. Please inquire via phone if you have any questions.

Safety for our babies is always the top priority.


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