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Beautiful AKC registered top of the line Scotties for over 32yrs. When you are looking for professionalism, with honesty and integrity. Scotland Yard Scottish Terriers, known Worldwide for quality. Exclusively bred for the Scottish Terrier connoisseurs. Please give us a call if you would like to be added to our waiting list, or feel free to fill out an application. All of our puppies are raised in house, underfoot, socialized and nurtured. We do not have any Farm Raised puppies. We do not hide our prices until you call us. We are not in the business of price gouging. We offer the very best quality pups, at the very best prices. Puppy mills are advertising prices slightly lower, for non AKC pups that barely look like the breed standard. Some breeders will treat you like you are not worthy to own one of their pups to be able to charge you higher prices. We treat everyone with the same courtesy, and respect when you call us. You do not have to be looking for a show dog just a loving Companion. They are AKC dogs which insures the integrity, and health of your new Companion. CKC, AKA, amongst many other registries do not even insure your dog is a purebred Scottish Terrier. All of our pups come from genetically tested, proven lines, We offer a 2 year health guarantee, and a lifetime of support with all of our pups. We look forward to working with you on finding your next Companion to love. We will be happy to share pictures of current puppies with you after you contact us. We are currently accepting applications for our Winter litters now. 419-898-0792

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Our bloodlines have been proven throughout many generations. Our breeders are tested, and clear of any of the Scottish Terrier ailments. We offer a 2 year Health Guarantee on all of our Companions. If for any reason they develop a life threatening ailment, and this is documented by a licensed veterinary clinic, we will replace that pup for you, at no cost to you.

Offering the longest health guarantee provided by any professional breeder, we have stood by our reputation for over 35 years. 

A Furever Friend

We will gladly be a lifetime support to you, and your new Companion. Always here to answer any questions you may have.

We try to give them the best start possible, raised in house underfoot, we socialize them the proper way. We do not release them out into the public until they are properly vetted, and old enough. Most pups should never be out in a "farm environment" until puppy inoculations are complete. Handling by a variety of too many people at such a young age can easily cause damage to a young pup. We will be glad to send you photos of the pups after they are born, snuggled up with Mum in the helping box. We do not photograph puppies only a few days old, just to post for an advertisement. This is very irresponsible in the critical first 2 weeks of life, not to mention very upsetting to Mum to take newborn pups away for pictures. Safety is always our top priority. 

Delivery Services

Delivery Service

We now have a bonded, insured courier to meet you part way, or to your front door! Whether it's extreme weather conditions, or you prefer not too ship, we have you covered. Please email us, or call for a quote.


We have always used the safest shipping methods for the last 30 years. With the help from Delta airlines into your nearest airport, they take as good of care of your newest addition as you would expect. 

Please inquire via email, or give us a call anytime. We would be happy to go over any details with you.

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. We are a breeder of scottish terrier puppies with scottish terriers for sale.

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